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Breathing is something, as humans, that we have to do. It’s an automatic function; we don’t have a choice. If we don’t breathe, we die. It’s as simple as that.

However, how we breathe is absolutely critical to our wellbeing. Think about it. When we’re stressed we inhale through the mouth at a rapid pace into the upper chest only. Does this help reduce our stress? NO! It exacerbates it.

Our approach is that there is no single right way to do breathwork. All of the techniques have their individual benefits, and some work better for some than others. This can often be individual.

The Inner Strength Matrix is about utilising all the fantastic breathwork techniques, combining them, tweaking them so that you, the client, gets the most out of doing them. After all, knowledge is power, so the more that we equip you with the better the outcomes are for you.

We provide an educational experience so clients can understand the breath, understand what can affect it and understand what power you hold to improve it. Some forms of breathwork, particularly those that incorporate long breath holds, can be uncomfortable at points.


The Inner Strength Matrix is all about encouraging the client to face difficult situations so that they can lead a better life.

Which takes us on to the next part of the matrix. Cold water exposure therapy. In modern Western society we humans have been “civilised” by the creature comforts it brings. Think central heating, north face jackets, snoods. Our ancestors didn’t have these things, but they still survived.


Lets face it, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than the cold. But if you can withstand it, embrace it even, with our knowledge and support you can cope with anything. Imagine what this does for your resilience. And imagine how that work deadline pressure is no longer anxiety-inducing when considered next to an ice bath.

The Inner Strength Matrix is therefore two-pronged. The power of the breath and the beauty of the cold to build a better, stronger, more disciplined you.

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